Programs + Shared Platforms

Are you part of a small grassroots environmental organization trying to stay afloat and reach goals? reThink Green can help. Through our Shared Platform program, we partner with unincorporated organizations to deliver projects under a shared umbrella.

We can help you to develop your project proposal and find the best source of funding. We’ll work with you to develop a clear-eyed view of where you’re going, what impact you hope to make, and how best to achieve your environmental goals. We have a large set of support services that can be tailored to fit your project and organization. Services range from the simple and practical (a meeting room, an address for mail) to much larger offerings (financial management, insurance, graphic design, or video production, for example). You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, when we can carpool towards our shared goals!

Do you have a project that could be a Shared Platform? 

Commuter challenge

  • is a week-long event 
  • is a friendly competition between Canadian cities and workplaces
  • encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home
  • rewards walking, cycling, carpooling/ride-sharing, taking transit and telecommuting
  • celebrates active and sustainable transportation
  • is locally hosted by City Coordinators who support workplaces

There are many benefits to choosing a more ecological and sustainable way of getting to and from work.

  • Walking or biking produces health benefits. Adults 18-64 need 150 minutes of exercise a week.
  • Reduces vehicle emissions that can cause health disorders
  • Helps to build a stronger relationship with your community
  • Stopping at local businesses like coffee shops along the way helps boost the local economy
  • Commuting by bike saves time in traffic
  • Saves money on gas that can be spent elsewhere
  • Helps to lower emissions to slow down climate change effects

earth festival

The Greater Sudbury Earth Festival takes place each June, downtown in Memorial Park. The Earth Festival offers something for everyone! We invite you to bring the entire family to the heart of Sudbury to celebrate our planet and learn more about environmental and holistic businesses in our community.

clean air sudbury

Clean Air Sudbury is a non-profit community group focused on air quality issues in Greater Sudbury.

Our mission is to compile, summarize and disseminate local air quality information, promote education and awareness of community air quality issues and to provide opportunities for the public to get involved in air quality improvements.

Plastic-free greater sudbury

We are a grassroots, not-for-profit group that works to educate Sudburians about current plastic issues, connect our community with information and local resources, and reduce single-use plastic in Greater Sudbury. 

Over 20 local businesses, schools, organizations, and workplaces have shown their public support to reduce plastic by Taking our Pledge. The Pledge is a working commitment to reduce a minimum of three attainable single-use plastics within an establishment. We help members do this by conducting a single-use plastic audit, create an action plan, and celebrate their success and involvements. 

You can find us in the community participating in Junction Creek clean-ups, partnering with organizations on community projects, and support other zero-waste efforts throughout the city. 

We are primary advocates for zero-waste but acknowledge this is not realistic for all and when this is the case we share resources on recycling and composting with individuals and members.

sun co-op

We are a community-owned non-profit solar power co-operative, started by local individuals in Greater Sudbury with the help of reThink Green (a network of local environmental community organizations). We are locally owned and locally controlled by the individual members of the co-operative.

We want to promote renewable energy in the Greater Sudbury community and we want to support and improve local environmental volunteer organizations.

Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council (GSFPC) envisions a Greater Sudbury where: all residents have access to adequate, affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food; there exists a financially viable, equitable, environmentally sustainable food system (including production, processing, distribution, marketing and waste disposal); and area citizens are knowledgeable about the food system and its impact on their individual lives and community.

green building research project

Sudbury has drafted a Community Energy Emissions Plan (CEEP) that has determined actions that the city needs to do to reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. The plan says that new buildings after 2030 needs to be of the Passive House design.  The basic idea is an energy efficient home that is based in having a small carbon foot-print and requires little energy for cooling and heating. The next phase of this plan is that by 2040 all existing buildings will be retrofitted for a 50% increase in energy efficiency.

reThink Green is working on a plan to do its part in meeting this goal. The plan is to do a deep environmental retrofit on an existing building in the downtown core of Sudbury. We would like it to serve as a future home for our organization and possibly as a community hub for green initiatives.

reThink Green has received government funding through the Investment Readiness Program. We are using this funding to meet with business consultants and a group of technical advisors to understand what costs will be involved in this endeavour and how to find the ideal building for this project.