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reThink Green’s Sustainability Awards celebrates people and businesses in northern Ontario that have committed to lowering their greenhouse gas emissions and find ways to minimize their environmental impact.

2019 Winner: old soul soap company

A person or organization that has gone above and beyond professionally what is expected of them in sustainability. This person or organization has made a positive impact in northern Ontario abroad or in their community with the resources they have at their disposal to benefit the community through sustainable practices.

winner: Nickel refillery inc.

Sustainability during COVID-19 was difficult. We celebrated a member of reThink green’s various programs, highlighting their fantastic sustainability and resilience during the covid-19 global health crisis.

2019 winner: Colin veevers

The Environmental Educator Award is given to an educator who shows initiative in creating opportunities for environmental education and who centers the concept of sustainability in their teaching and in their actions. They are a champion for environmentalism and sustainability and have made a lasting impact on their students and community.

2019 winner: Hia Media

Green Economy North celebrates a member who showed exceptional effort, advocacy, and dedication in reducing their carbon emissions through scope 1 or scope 2 emissions.

2019: Sophia mathur

A person under 25 who has shown leadership with environmental sustainability. They are committed to their cause by putting their time and energy into achieving this goal through projects, community engagement, and innovation. Their success has benefitted their community and inspires others to up the cause.

2019 winner: salute coffee company

The Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury award is given to a business in the hospitality industry who shows dedicated efforts to reduce single-use plastic. The award recipient is a champion for waste reduction and goes above and beyond their pledge requirements through innovative and collaborative efforts.

2019 winner: Clean Air sudbury
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